Aimless 1

on stage at an open mic, Victoria, 2011

This is greg blanchette‘s website and casual on-line presence. I’m the “Tofino” greg (a.k.a. greg blee when a stage is involved), and always lower-case. My blog is in the menu bar above; samples of my writing too.


9 Feb. — Valentine’s Day is coming, and my chapbook other men’s wives : love poems to a village of creative women would be an interesting, offbeat gift to your lady, guys. Still available at Mermaid Tales in Tofino, or from me by mail.

1 Feb. – At Odds with the Audience comes out in Tofino Time magazine — a fictionalized complaint about the difficulty of hosting cultural events in Tuff City.

1 Jan.Through Tourist Eyes is out in Tofino Time — a story about how we get caught up in things, even here in paradise.

22 Nov. – CWG holds a triple launch of three chapbooks — Tofino Timeless + other men’s wives + Kittenstein & Frankenfur, the Gambling Cats — at Oyster Festival opening night.

6 Nov. — My poetry chapbook other men’s wives comes off the press. I’m a tad nervous about the small town reception, but it sells well.